GLS Touring™

Fits Cars/Minivans All-Season

The GLS Touring™ delivers improved traction, dependable handling and a quiet ride mile after mile.

  • Increase wet and light snow traction
  • Even treadwear
  • Added hydroplaning resistance

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Dry Performance

The tire’s ability to grip the road in dry conditions.

Wet Performance

The tire’s ability to grip the road in wet conditions.

Tread Wear

The wear rate of the tire.

Quiet Ride

The measure of how quiet a tire is while driving.


How the tire is able to respond to driving such as accelerating, braking, steering and turning.

Off Road

The tire’s ability to have grip on unpaved surfaces such as dirt, mud, sand, rock or gravel.

*When compared to other Cooper® tires.

Tire Design

  • 5-Rib Tread Pattern With Lateral Grooves

    For increased wet and light snow traction.

  • 3D Micro-Gauge™ Siping

    Helps maintain a stable shape during acceleration, braking and cornering, which enhances grip and traction.

  • Four Circumferential Grooves

    Propel water out and away from the tread contact area and help provide superior all-weather traction.

GLS Touring™

Full Specs

Tire Size Service Description UTQG Load Range Sidewall Approved Rim Width Measured Rim Width Section Width Overall Diameter Tread Width Tire Weight Max Load Tread Depth (1/32")



The GLS Touring™ tires are available exclusively through Tire Kingdom, Merchants, NTB and Big O and may have a warranty maintained and administered by these retailers. Please contact one of these retailers for more information on their warranties.